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This site was hand-coded using Espresso, TextMate and CSSEdit. Graphics and images were created and/or processed using Adobe Creative Suite (specifically Photoshop and Illustrator). File transfer (FTP) is handled with both Espresso and Transmit.


The content management system (CMS) we use is ExpressionEngine. We also utilize several third party add-ons to enhance EE's built-in capabilities:

Fonts by Typekit

The custom fonts you see are provided by the service Typekit. Here are the fonts in use:


We use jQuery because it makes designers feel like rockstar programmers. We also use some plugins and such:

HTML5 Boilerplate + 960GS

To save time (and hair), we utilize the HTML5 Boilerplate (which includes Normalize.css and Modernizr, among other great community-driven code). We also make heavy use of Nathan Smith's venerable grid system, 960.

Crowdsourced Photography

The photos that appear on the website and in our campus lobbies have been generously provided by members of our community. Photographers include Andrew Chiu, Brandon Ellis, Nicole Gentry, Joe Gil, Jared Hastings, Tanya Hayes, Laura Humpert, Dorothy Huynh, Justin Jaquith, Kelly Jue, Erin Kimmel, Allen Lai, Jazmin Leader, Elizabeth Moberg, Jordan Olels, Brandon Patoc, Carrie Schuster, Joleen Sims Thomas, Chuck Skoda, Jessica Solberg, Tiarra Sorte, Tanner Stewart, Angela Wicks, and Ruth Yaroslaski.

Icons & patterns

The majority of iconography used on the site is either straight or adapted from Drew Wilson's excellent Pictos set. Aren't they cool?